Smart Materials - Optical, Functional Film and Surfaces

Nanoptics offers customised functional film and structured surfaces for example for light management or embossed with bionic structures. We are using our in house developed dedicated large format Roll-to-Roll-UV-Casting equipment in order to structure almost any kind of flexible substrates and rigid materials with Nano- and Micro-Structures.

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Linear Engineered Diffuser

Pictures with courtesy of Holotools

Micro Lens Arrays / Concave - Convex

February 2012
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June 28, 2012 
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February 2012
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June 2012
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Riblet Structures

Moth Eye Structures

Brightness Enhancement Films (BEF) surfaces

Light Control Film (LCF, ALCF) surfaces

Reflector Films (ESR) surfaces

Diffuser film surfaces

anti reflection film surfaces

Riblet structures

nano imprint

micro structured surfaces

moth eye structures

roll to roll nano micro imprint

light management film surface

daylight management film

OLED out coupling

LED light management

anti glare

anti fingerprint

light capturing

anti friction